Pneumonia in the Immunocompromised: Use of the Karius Test® for the Detection of Undiagnosed Pathogens

Speaker: Stephen P. Bergin, MD — Assistant Professor of Medicine | Director, Fellowship Training Programs Pulmonary Diseases and Critical Care Medicine at Duke University

The Karius Test® is a liquid biopsy for infection diseases that utilizes microbial cell-free DNA in plasma to detect over 1000 pathogens causing deep-seated and bloodstream infections. During his presentation Dr. Bergin will provide an overview of the Karius multi-center, prospective study comparing the Karius Test to Standard of Care in immunocompromised (IC) patients being evaluated for pneumonia. The population for this study are IC adults with hematological malignancies and/or (HCT) with suspicion of pneumonia. Results are expected later in 2022.