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The Karius laboratory is CLIA-certified and CAP-accredited to perform high-complexity clinical laboratory testing. Over 85% of specimens received by 8:30 AM (PT) Monday through Saturday are reported the next day. Details on the test reporting process can be found here. To learn more about the new report layout, refer to the Understanding the Karius Test Report overview video

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Sample Karius Test Report
Sample AMR Addended Report

Karius Test Performance Data

Analytical Performance & Clinical Validation

1. Blauwkamp, et al. Nat Microbiol 4, 663–674 (2019).

*Discordant Karius results included clinically-relevant pathogens such as Helicobacter pylori, EBV, and CMV that were determined not to be the primary cause of sepsis via adjudication. For a summary of the analytical validation see: kariusdx.com/validation.

AMR Clinical Validation Performance Summary

PPA = Positive Percent Agreement

NPA = Negative Percent Agreement

Overall Yield: Calculated by sum of presence and absence calls for an AMR marker, divided by the sum of all microbes in that drug class category  that could have those markers Orthogonal confirmation methods included: blood culture, Vitek, Microscan Walkaway, Agar dilution, E test gradient strip, and other microbiology tools

*Samples chosen may not represent pathogen abundance distribution in targeted patient population

**False positives come from samples where orthogonal confirmation was limited

#SCCmec and mecA combined

For additional information on the Karius Test AMR detection capabilities, go here.

Access to Results

The Karius Test is available as a send-out test to hospitals. Karius Test results for existing customers are available via:

If you are a new customer and would like to place the first order for a Karius Test go here.

For any questions, please contact Customer Success, available via phone: (866) 452-7487 or email: help@kariusdx.com

To access validation data for v4.2 and prior, please contact Customer Success at (866) 452-7487 or send us an email at help@kariusdx.com.