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Karius Laboratory routinely receives specimens Monday through Saturday.

Results are typically reported by the next day after sample receipt, including Sundays. 

If sending on Friday, please ship specimens via FedEx First Overnight and mark for Saturday delivery.


Customer Success is available 24/7.


Email | help@kariusdx.com

Phone/Text | (866) 452 7487


Specimen Collection & Preparation Instructions

Our preferred method of specimen collection is in a BD Vacutainer™ Plasma Preparation Tube (PPT), provided in the Karius Test kit.

  1. Collect 5 mL whole blood in PPT tube and invert 8-10 times.
  2. Within 6 hours of the draw, spin PPT tube at 1,100 RCF for 10 mins at room temperature. (Separated plasma in PPT tube is stable at room temperature for up to 96 hours after draw).
  3. Ship specimen at ambient temperature via FedEx First Overnight service to Karius laboratory using pre-printed FedEx label provided. .


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