Biopharma Partnering

Biopharma Partnering

Enhance Your Research & Development Programs with the Karius Microbial Liquid Biopsy

Our goal is for Karius' technology to have a transformative impact on healthcare by enhancing clinical outcomes in both the clinical trial and real-world settings. Working with our biopharma partners and healthcare providers, we are dedicated to:

⚬ Advancing the development of novel therapies
⚬ Helping clinicians rapidly identify optimal treatments
⚬ Enabling patients to stay on therapy

Unlock novel insights using our unique metagenomic platform:

Therapeutic Focus Areas

⚬ Anti-infectives
⚬ Vaccines
⚬ Oncology and Cancer Immunotherapy
⚬ Immunology and Inflammation (IBD, Rheumatoid Arthritis)
⚬ Transplant

Potential Applications of mcfDNA

⚬ Optimizing subject selection, stratification and trial design
⚬ Discovering novel microbial signatures of clinical outcome to help demonstrate safety and efficacy
⚬ Assisting with determination of dosing and duration of treatment
⚬ Monitoring subjects to identify drivers of treatment tolerance, compliance, and clinical outcomes
⚬ Enabling prompt identification of adverse events and reactions to allow rapid intervention, improved outcomes, and cost reductions
⚬ Developing novel signatures to detect disease onset, progression, remission, and drug response

Transforming the Diagnostic Challenges

Thousands of microbes are known to cause human disease, and differential diagnosis of infectious disease is a complex and challenging task in the clinic. Microbiological culture-based methods (e.g. microscopy, special staining, biochemical testing, etc.) are the preferred conventional tests used for the detection of common pathogens, but the turnaround time-to-results period can take days to weeks in certain cases, and many pathogens are difficult to culture. Multiplex polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests are rapid but typically target a small number of etiological agents and need a presumptive diagnosis before a test is chosen.

Leverage our Genomics and AI Advantage

Clinical metagenomic next-generation sequencing (mNGS) of microbial cell-free DNA (mcfDNA) has emerged as an attractive diagnostic modality for infectious diseases, especially in immunocompromised patients. However, mcfDNA is proving to be a highly informative analyte even beyond infectious disease. Microbial cell-free DNA molecules in circulation originate from colonizing or invasive microbes that release their nucleic acids into the blood as they break down. Using novel chemistries and analytics, in combination with next-generation sequencing to measure mcfDNA, the Karius technology generates quantitative microbial signals across a wide range of bacteria, fungi, DNA viruses, and parasites starting from a plasma sample. Partners are working with our biomarker discovery team to transform these microbial signals into biomarker signatures associated with health and disease. These signatures can be associated with health, early disease onset, progression, remission, and drug response.

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