1. Integrity and truthfulness
    1. Open communication among ourselves; complete clarity and accurate conveying of information; raise and discuss any issue that bothers us.
  2. The Journey is more important than the “End Point”
    1. Create a joyful environment through fulfillment; personal growth; team overcoming of challenges; genuine, caring, smart people around.
  3. Curiosity, Creativity and Courage
    1. Don’t do things just because “that’s the way it’s done”; question the rules of the game, explore new directions; look at the big picture; creativity can result in innovation (utility) but may also just be for the fun of it.
  4. Sanity and Balance
    1. Success does not mean giving up family life, healthy lifestyle, other hobbies or interests; maintain a balance and ensure efficiency by proper long- and short-term planning, goal setting and debriefing.