Karius is a life sciences company focused on saving lives. We advance diagnostic science and technology in order to deliver breakthroughs and upgrade the standard of care in the fight against infectious disease.

The Karius Test™ is a liquid biopsy for infectious diseases that can free clinicians from the diagnostic maze so they can return patients back to health quickly and safely.

From a single blood sample, the Karius Test can non-invasively and rapidly detect over 1000 pathogens causing both deep-seated and bloodstream infections. The Karius Test helps clinicians avoid invasive, low-yield, and sequential diagnostic tests that can delay treatment for the most vulnerable hospitalized patients.

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A breakthrough liquid biopsy

See how the Karius Test provides doctors with clear diagnostic insight.

We use genomics and AI to advance infectious disease diagnostics.

Microbial cell–free DNA

Karius provides unique genomic insights by detecting microbial cell–free DNA (mcfDNA) circulating in the bloodstream from more than 1000 pathogens that cause infections.

Karius AI technology

Advanced machine learning algorithms allow analysis of complex genomic data in real time. Our proprietary reference genome databases are constantly refined as more data become available.

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