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Karius Laboratory Service for Pathogen Biomarker Detection

Precision medicine lab service to drive efficiency in biopharmaceutical clinical development

Karius offers pathogen biomarker detection as a lab service to biopharmaceutical companies. Our technology is based on next-generation sequencing of microbial cell-free DNA in plasma.

Partnering with Karius can help accelerate your clinical trials in a number of ways, including identification of difficult-to-detect pathogens with a rapid turnaround time, quantitative monitoring of pathogen DNA on therapy, and direct detection in plasma of potential co-infections.


  • Current tests detect only one or a small panel of pathogens.
  • Testing for a range of pathogens with multiple assays is expensive and time-consuming.
  • Patients may be enrolled into studies based on presumed clinical infection rather than on direct microbiologic confirmation.

Karius Laboratory Service

A plasma-based next-generation sequencing test that can rapidly identify more than a thousand pathogens from a single blood draw.


Precise, broad-based detection of bacteria, DNA viruses, fungi/molds, and protozoa.

CLIA-certified, CAP-accredited clinical laboratory with dedicated program and data management support.

Clinical Trial Applications

Rapid detection and monitoring of pathogens may be useful in these and other clinical trial scenarios:

  • Potential selection of eligible subjects
  • Monitoring drug efficacy
  • Coding and adjudication of adverse events
  • Assisting with determination of dosing and duration of treatment
  • Identification of co-infections that could impact therapeutic efficacy, safety and adverse event reporting

For more information or to discuss pathogen biomarker detection in your clinical trials, please contact us at biopharma@kariusdx.com.


For additional publications, abstracts, and clinical trials, visit www.kariusdx.com/clinical-data.



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