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Test Description

The Karius® Test is a blood-based next generation sequencing test for the detection of bacteria, DNA viruses, and eukaryotic pathogens, including yeasts, molds, and protozoa. View the complete list of microorganisms that can be identified by the test.

Your institution’s internal micro lab will need an account with Karius in order to send a specimen to our laboratory. Below are instructions for ordering the Karius Test in your institution’s Electronic Medical Record system. If you have any questions please contact Karius at: (866) 452-7487.


Physician Ordering Instructions

Depending on your institution’s Electronic Medical Record system, please enter the following information where appropriate to ensure that the Karius Test is ordered and processed correctly.

  1. In the EMR system, order the Karius Test. You may need to follow your institution’s process to order an unlisted send-out test.
  2. Indicate specimen type is blood / PPT tube
  3. The specimen source (i.e. venous, arterial, central line, arterial line, etc.) is at the discretion of the ordering physician
  4. The specimen draw volume should be 5 mL of whole blood. PPT tubes must be filled completely to allow for proper ratio of blood to anticoagulant
  5. In the Notes section, enter the following information: “This is a send out test. Draw whole blood into a BD Vacutainer® Plasma Preparation Tube to fill it completely. Mix by gentle inversion 8-10 times. Spin at 1100 RCF for 10 min at RT to separate plasma. Refer to the detailed specimen instructions provided by Karius for processing and shipping the specimen."


Download Specimen Processing Instructions here.



Telephone: (866) 452-7487
Email: help@kariusdx.com