ASM Microbe

ASM Microbe


Abstracts from 2020 ASM Microbe


Session CIV05 Pediatric Infectious Diseases


Rapid, Liquid Biopsy of Kingella kingae Vertebral Infections in Infants Using a Plasma-based Microbial Cell-free DNA Sequencing Test for Pathogen Detection

A. Sarmiento1, N. Kabani2, A. Del Valle Penella1, M. Laufer1, C. Sanchez-Vegas1, M. Cotilla1, M. Melish3, C. Trieu2, J. C. Arnold4, A. Jordan Villegas5, D. Kimberlin2, M. S. Lindner6A. A. Ahmed6 

1Nicklaus Children's Hosp., Miami, FL, 2Children's of Alabama & The Univ. of Alabama at Birmingham, Birmingham, AL, 3John A. Burns Sch. of Med., Univ. of Hawai'i, Honolulu, HI, 4Naval Med. Ctr. San Diego, San Diego, CA, 5Arnold Palmer Hosp. For Children, Orlando, FL, 6Karius, Redwood City, CA


Session CPHM12 Cell Free DNA and Sequencing Approaches


Rapid, Non-invasive Detection of Legionella and Resolution of Species Diversity in Clinical Infections Using a Plasma-based Microbial Cell-free DNA Sequencing Test for Pathogen Identification

A. A. Ahmed, S. C. Dalai, L. Blair, M. S. Lindner, A. MacIntyre

Karius, Redwood City, CA



Successful Detection of Unrecognized Rickettsia Typhi in Pregnancy Using Cell Free Next-generation Sequencing

I. A. Stafford, F. Hernandez-Centero, G. Parkerson, M. Al Mohajer, L. Woc-Colburn, A. J. Burgos Lee, M. Rac, J. Dunn, K. Muldrew

Baylor Coll. of Med., Houston, TX



Impact of Next Generation Sequencing vs. Conventional Microbiologic Tests of Bronchoscopic Samples on Patient Care

P. Mead, H. Shoaib, R. Davis, J. Farrell

Univ. of Illinois Coll. of Med. at Peoria, Peoria, IL


Session CPHM12 Molecular Susceptibility Testing


Analytical Validation of a Culture-free Antimicrobial Resistance Test Based on Agnostic Microbial Cell-free DNA Sequencing

S. Venkatasubrahmanyam, L. Blair, M. Rosen, M. Borivojevic, L. Guz, M. Lindner, D. Hong, A. Ahmed, D. Hollemon, C. Ho, J. Wilber, S. Bercovici

Karius Inc., Redwood City, CA

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